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Vehicle Insurance

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Car insurance must have compulsory third party cover to compensate for damages caused by the insured vehicle.


Injuries and material damages suffered by the driver at fault are still excluded; while injuries suffered by their family members are covered by their own insurance.


The purpose of the additional legal cover is twofold: Legal cover defends the insured in civil and criminal proceedings and makes it possible to bring action against the person at fault in the event of an accident.


Fire, theft, glass breakage and animal damage coverage are usually sold as a package called 'mini-casco'
For theft, find out about GPS by clicking.
Fire insurance covers both fires and burnt out wiring. Theft insurance protects the vehicle against destruction or damage following a theft or attempted theft. With the exception of glass headlights, glass breakage insurance covers all the glass parts of the vehicle including any embedded antennas and heating elements.
'Casco' (as it’s known in Luxembourg) or comprehensive vehicle damage insurance protects the insured vehicle against any material damage the vehicle may suffer regardless of whether the driver is at fault or not.
Vehicle occupants' insurance is an accident insurance for the occupants of the vehicle for which the capital paid in the event of an accident is fixed when the insurance is bought. The amounts paid in the event of a road traffic accident are added to the amount paid by the third party insurance.
Drivers' insurance is an accident insurance specially designed for the driver of the vehicle who is excluded from claiming on his own third party insurance. This insurance is valid regardless of who’s at fault in the accident. The compensation paid is only fixed after surveying the damage. Baggage insurance covers luggage carried in the vehicle provided it is hidden from view when parked.
Insured person or product:
  • all occupants of the vehicle at fault;
  • the vehicle named in the policy schedule including everything attached to it (e.g. a caravan or trailer).
The most frequent claims are:
  • collisions between two vehicles due to speeding, alcohol abuse and refusal to give way;
  • vehicle theft

How do I register a foreign car in Luxembourg?
What is MAW - Maximum Authorised Weight?
What do I do if I'm involved in a crash with an uninsured driver?

What is the excess for a young driver?

People who have had their license for less than 2 years are considered young drivers. When a young driver with third party cover is involved in an accident an excess will apply. This excess can be waived for an additional premium.
This excess does not apply to those with 'CASCO' (comprehensive) cover

How much is the excess?

Third party cover has no excess

With 'casco' (comprehensive) insurance the excess can vary between insurers, for example:
- excess for a recent license: 2.5% of the list price of the vehicle depending on the maximum and minimum applied by the insurer
- excess for alcohol abuse (between 0.8 and 1.2 g/l) 2.5% of the list price of the vehicle depending on the maximum and minimum applied by the insure
- policy excess of 3% of the list price of the vehicle, which depending on the policy chosen could be zero.

These excesses can accumulate.

How does the bonus/malus system work?

The bonus/malus system allows insurance premiums to be personalised.
A no claims bonus is added on the policy renewal date which reduces the insurance premium. If you are involved in an accident (or several) in the past year your premium will increase.

Does my bonus/malus status restart if I change my car?

Changing your car has no effect on your bonus/malus status.

Does my bonus/malus status restart if I change insurers?

Changing insurers has no effect on your bonus/malus status.

Can I transfer my bonus/malus status to a relative?

Every new insured person has their own bonus/malus status. It cannot be transferred!

Am I covered if I have an accident abroad?

Third party insurance is valid most European countries. A summary of all the covered countries is found on your green card. If in doubt, contact your insurer.

What about insurance for rental cars?

A hired car is not covered by your everyday car insurance. Car hire companies can offer you car insurance for the duration of the rental.

How do I choose a good car insurance package?

Third party car insurance is mandatory. All other coverage depends on your profile and your situation.

We advise you to get in touch with our team to discuss in detail.

How do I register a foreign car in Luxembourg?

Is it a new or second hand vehicle?

First step for a NEW car bought abroad: Centre Douanier - Croix de Gasperich (Tel. 49 88 58 -149 88 58 -1 ) Bring the vehicle and the following documents: invoice, certificate of conformity, vehicle registration certificate, green sticker no.705 (issued by your garage). You and the mechanic must complete the vehicle information form. Pay the VAT in cash (15% of the invoice)

second step: · Ministry of Transport (Tel. 35 72 14 23735 72 14 237 ), to get a Luxembourg license plate • La Société GRUN in Howald (Tel. 49 61 62), to have your new plate made and mounted on the vehicle. • The Insurance Company through your insurance broker to take out a policy based on the coverage you want

3rd step: Roadworthiness test at Sandweiler Take your vehicle for its roadworthiness test with your green card (provisional or permanent) between 8 to 11.45 a.m. and 1.30 to 5.15 p.m. to obtain a provisional tax disc. Your permanent disc will be sent to your address by the Centre Douanier. You can choose to pay for this disc annually, bi-annually or quarterly. The price is fixed according to the vehicles cubic capacity.
Download our complete document: click here

What is MAW - Maximum Authorised Weight?

Maximum authorised weight is the maximum load that you can transport with your vehicle.
It is stated on your vehicle registration certificate.

What do I do if I'm involved in a crash with an uninsured driver?

in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg you will speak directly to your insurer. If you have taken out a comprehensive 'casco' insurance your insurer will compensate you for any damage and take action against the driver at fault. With comprehensive 'casco' insurance some insurers offer you a replacement vehicle while your car is repaired.

When abroad you talk to the office stated on your green card.

Some insurers are available 24/7 to help you. In all cases it is necessary to complete an accident report or to call the police if appropriate.

Have you recently arrived in Luxembourg?
What are the steps to take to register your car?

View documents for download: How to register your car?


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