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Personal Loan

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  All about personal loans

If you need cash, a personal loan is available to you: you don't need to provide a reason to take it out. You set the criteria, i.e. the amount, rate and monthly payments when you sign the contract. Keep in mind that consumer loans are limited by amount and duration as is the case for all types of loans.



 The components of personal loan:

Before taking out a personal loan, read this carefully:

•    Consider the possibility of to investing a sum of money directly into your project, you'll reduce the repayment amounts with a personal contribution such as this.

•    The overall effective rate (APR) is a way of assessing the real cost of any credit by percentage that allows you to work out the total cost of the loan: you will calculate the difference between the total costs of the loan (which is the difference between the monthly repayments) and the amount of capital loaned (that is the total sum of interest paid);

•    Insurance: this is strongly recommended even though it is optional;

•    Loan duration: make sure it’s precisely defined and takes your financial resources into account.


 Tips and tricks

There is nothing better than letting a broker explain your best options!
As a good professional he can negotiate great rates on your behalf with his insurance network.


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