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Car loan

Car loan

A car loan is an assigned loan, or a consumer loan designated for the purchase of an asset, in this case: your car.

What do we offer?

What is the difference between a personal loan and a car loan?

There are three types of consumer credit:

  1. Revolving credit (or cash reserve),
  2. Assigned credit,
  3. And the personal loan.

The last two are usually used to buy a car. A personal loan requires no justification. Assigned and revolving credit are less flexible but are more secure because the loan will be directly associated with the purchase of the asset. So you are protected: the sale is cancelled if an assigned loan application is declined by your lender or, on the contrary, if the asset is not delivered or the sale falls through, your credit is cancelled. So you only have to repay the debt upon receipt of your asset.

What are the important features of a car loan?

The section below gives you a quick overview of the options open to you:
•    Contribution: you can pay a cash deposit to reduce the repayment amount.
•    The overall effective rate (APR) is a way of assessing the real cost of any credit by percentage. It allows you to work out the total cost of the loan: you will calculate the difference between the total costs of the loan (the difference between the monthly repayments calculated in euros) and the amount of capital loaned (that is the total sum of interest paid).

Be careful with these two aspects!

•    Insurance: this is strongly recommended even though it is optional. There many different ones from different insurers: find out now!
•    Loan duration: make you work out your ability to pay precisely and take into account your financial resources and the duration that suits you best.

Tips and tricks

How to reduce the cost of your car loan?

No consumer loan lasts longer than 60 months. However, it is in your interest to reduce the length and cost by as much as possible! Negotiate a discount on your vehicle, pay some money up front, this will get you better rates and reduce the overall cost of your loan. Consider using a broker who will take care of everything and negotiate the best deals for you from his network. There is no obligation or additional fees! Surround yourself with professionals and make a smart and strategic choice!


Do you want to finance a loan for a new or used car? We suggest you contact our credit partner directly:

Bureau Weicker & CO

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