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Vehicle Insurance



Anybody who owns a vehicle must first take out mandatory third party insurance. This covers any costs and damages their vehicle causes to others (family members are also covered by this insurance).


There is another package that combines coverage for glass breakage, theft and fire.


With a more comprehensive policy known in Luxembourg as "casco", your car is insured against material damage, whether or not you are responsible for it.

Some policies include an excess that is charged on all or certain types of claims. Enquire at to assess the risks that affect you most.


From a legal point of view, we offer legal protection insurance that covers the costs of either defending civil or criminal action; or bringing action against the person responsible.


With regard to people, there are policies to protect the occupants of your vehicle. This first policy is highly recommended if the car carries several passengers on a daily basis.

As a driver, you can buy an additional insurance which ensures coverage even if you were at fault in an accident.

Finally, there is specific insurance for any luggage you are carrying. One car, one situation … several specific solutions! Trust us!


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