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Travel, Leisure Insurance

 Benefits: Trip cancellation, luggage, personal, accident, assistance


What are the two main risks while travelling?

Last minute cancellation, leaving you with high fees, and the cost of healthcare received abroad not covered by your national scheme.

Of these two setbacks, we strongly advise you to insure against medical emergencies. This is because nothing can replace proper and appropriate treatment, especially when you are far away from your own health service! This insurance allows you to be reimbursed for medication and care received abroad and if necessary to be repatriated.


We have solutions suited to how often you travel.

If you only travel occasionally you can choose to buy your insurance per journey. Conversely, if your schedule requires you to travel regularly, there are annual multi trip policies available, especially for your business trips.


So whether you’re travelling near or far, we advise you to ask yourself the following questions before you embark on your journey:

What healthcare is covered by my insurance? What are the health risks once there? To what extent should I choose additional travel health insurance for the duration of my journey?


 Will any medications I need be reimbursed when I return or are these charges covered and paid directly by my insurance?


Will I have assistance over the phone to take all the necessary steps during this times (notify my insurance, relatives, etc.)


I have a credit card and I know that it is possible to benefit from additional medical coverage. Am I entitled to this?


How can I be sure that my insurance will cover my pre-existing medical conditions abroad?


Our professional and independent advisors at Bureau Weicker & Co can answer all these questions. Contact us!


There are other kinds of insurance to cover your trip. Consider, for example, for lost or stolen luggage, outright cancellation, legal support in litigation involving you or even special insurance against unforeseen events such as the weather, delays or lost days... you will win every time!



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