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Property savings insurance

 All about property savings plans

Looking to borrow at preferential rates? In a property savings plan you can

construct a house or buy a property with the same guarantees a

classic mortgage (annual interest...).
This form of savings can be used to cover the whole amount or to complement to a

You can withdraw your money at

any time.
Lastly, you can use the money saved for any other

Discover the benefits:
• A guaranteed low rate property savings loan from 1.90% (effective annual rate

• Access money quickly to start building – no fixed minimum savings
• High returns - starting at 1.90% (annual effective rate 2.07%)
• Additional savings with State aid
• No account administration charges for property savings, file fees or taxation on

property provided as collateral
At Weicker & Co we do everything to meet your demands.

Contact us to talk about your property savings!


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