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Personal Loan

  All about personal loans


 It's not for your pension or to buy property but you still want to borrow money? The consumer loan was made for you! You will be required to meet certain criteria as always (limits on the loan amount and duration) but you do not need to provide any reason for the loan.


There are three options available to you:


You can either take out a personal loan as described here or you may prefer an assigned loan which will be associated to a specific purchase. Alternatively you can opt for revolving credit that guarantees you renewable and permanent liquidity that only has to be repaid after it's been used.
This type of loan is subject to certain conditions:
We will discuss your financial situation with you to ensure the loan duration is suitable.


We will assist you in your choice of insurance for this type of loan from the bank: insurance is not compulsory but strongly advised.

You can start your project immediately thanks to a direct capital investment. We apply two rates, the overall percentage on the real cost of the loan and the total sum of the interest paid.

Consider bringing some important documents when signing a loan contract: proof of address, a piece of identification, your last pay slip and a RIB (document containing your bank details).



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