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Pension savings insurance


All about pensions
 All about pensions:

 There are three great pillars for insuring your pension.


1) The national pension scheme

The first pillar is based on the model of any social security, i.e. the pension scheme is funded by national welfare. You effectively contribute throughout your life in order to draw a minimum social income when you retire. This welfare system is currently in place in our country.


2) The workplace pension

This second system is possible when a company decides to provide its employees with a pension plan. This scheme is not funded by the State but by private organizations. It allows you to draw from an additional pension established by your employers. This same system also makes it possible to provide tax benefits to employees.


3) private plans

The third and final pillar allows you, as the name suggests, to personally build up a pension. By signing a personalised contract, you create each of the premiums with the idea of pooling risk where financial efficiency takes precedence over solidarity.

To help you in your search for pension insurance, the professional at Weicker & Co can offer specific solutions that fit your situation.


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 We offer two types of products depending on your needs:


Do you want to play "safe"? A guaranteed interest investment could suit you perfectly! This has the advantage of knowing for certain the amount you will have in your pension.


Are you not afraid of risk? The second product developed by our professionals is based on an investment in equity funds. Early on you will receive a monthly return based on your capital. This time, however, no amount is guaranteed without taking extreme risks. After the age of 45, the maximum portion invested in equities is adjusted to provide the security you need on maturity.

Do you like the sound of both products? Can't decide between the two?

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