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Life insurance

 All about life insurance:

 Life/death insurance


Did you think life insurance only covers you if you die?

Find out all the possibilities to cover you in the event of a disaster.

There are several solutions available to you;

Assurance on death only

It is subdivided into two insurance products depending on:

- whether the insured wants to cover an amount that stays the same for the duration of the contract (term insurance)

- or for a medium or long term loan (decreasing term insurance).

In any case, the beneficiary will be covered whether it is a bank or a natural person.

Assurance on survival to a stipulated age

 This type of insurance is essentially made up of a capital sum paid on maturity, set by a policy or linked to investments made on the stock market. Despite the uncertainties associated with this kind of investment, be aware that there safeguards in place to protect you as an investor. The bigger your investment the more financial limits will be monitored and flexibility ensured.


Mixed insurance

 This type of insurance combines a death benefit with a survival benefit. It is particularly suitable if you want to build up a pension or to protect your children's future. The special feature of this insurance is that the risks are mutually exclusive. The insurer either pays on death or on survival.

There are options available that depend on whether you want more coverage for death or survival. Find out about them!


Additional benefits

 There are four benefits available for greater coverage:

• Disability insurance. This type of supplementary insurance provides for the payment of your premiums in the event of disability during the term.

The disability should last at least three months and must be greater than 25%.


• Additional family insurance provides for the payment of a death benefit if you or your partner die simultaneously (or your partner after you) before the end of your contract.

• Accident insurance allows your loved ones to receive twice or triple the amount of death benefit if your die as the result of an accident.

• Additional hospitalisation insurance covers the payment of a daily allowance for your hospital stay.
There are many solutions (for individuals, couples or groups) and just as many advantages... find out about them from our professionals!

Some special features:

Higher limit and increased higher limit for payment protection insurance

If you buy a temporary assurance on death with a single premium to cover a loan or mortgage, special maximum amounts are added to the normal limits. These are listed below:

Taxpayer Higher limit (1) Increased higher limit
Between 31 to 49 inclusive (per year) Maximum deductible
50 and over
Without children €6,000 €480 €15,600
With 1 child €7,200 €576 €18,720
With 2 children €8,400 €672 €21,840
With 3 children €9 600 €672 €24 960
With 4 children €10 800 €672 €28 080
Per additional child €1,200 €96 €3,120
How to calculate the absolute limit per taxpayer
• basic limit: €672 + €672 for joint taxation + €672 per dependent child

• allowance for single premium: sum of the single premium (without exceeding €3000) + €672 per child dependent

• additional allowance: 8% x number of years over 30 (age of borrower when policy taken out) x result of b.


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