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Home Insurance

 Life insurance for a loan: Payment protection

You have a loan you used to build, buy or renovate your home. Home insurance covers you and your loved ones in the event of a disaster. It effectively pays the balance of the capital loaned by your lender. This insurance is also called "payment protection".





What are the main benefits?
You can buy them as stand-alone policies or packaged together. Without going into

details, and because they are self-explanatory, the coverage is as follows:
 Water damage,
Glass breakages,
Electrical damage,
Electrical installations and electronics,
Damage to property in one or more locations,
Property third party liability.

There are supplements for each of these benefits. These extensions cover, for

example, garages and greenhouses, even if they are located away from the building,

student accommodation, old and new houses when moving and even

tombs. It's enough to feel secure at every moment of your life!
In addition, your insurer will provide you with a 24/7

emergency line to provide assistance and to ensure you and

your loved ones are aided in any situation.
You can also add legal expenses to your policy

to cover the costs of lawyers, surveyors and any legal file fees.



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