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Family, life insurance

  Family insurance


First of all, there is family insurance that covers you, and the people or things under your care, against any injury or material damage you may inflict on third parties.

A second sub-section is dedicated to mortgage protection which protects your heirs from inheriting the debt on a loan that you have taken out and that is not fully repaid to the lender at the time of your death.


The third branch of this insurance covers your children through a lump-sum in the event of your death. This policy also includes a child savings plan to finance their studies, help purchase their first car or rent their first home.


Another event, another precaution: accident insurance. It protects you against accidents that occur in your private life that may have severe consequences (medical expenses or death).

This insurance can be bought for an individual or for a group of people and covers situations such an accident involving your children, accidents occurring during leisure activities, purely domestic accidents or even road traffic accidents. So that every risk is assessed... and avoided!


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